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Breast Prosthesis 

The Liberty breast prostheses are the newest innovation by Technovent. Liberty breast prostheses are a unique breathable, soft sponge-like breast form made from 100% medical grade silicone. They are lightweight and lifestyle friendly. Liberty prostheses offer distinct advantages over the current prostheses on the market such as:

  • Gentle and non-reactive to the skin (can be worn about a week after surgery directly against the skin or as soon as comfortable).

  • Breathable-air flow promotes a healthy healing environment at surgical sites.

  • Excellent alternative when not a candidate for reconstruction or following a failed reconstruction.

  • No leaking, no tearing, no ripping, very durable.

  • Does not ‘float’ while swimming, hollow for easy drainage whilst maintaining form.

  • No bubbles from altitude changes.

  • Lightweight, especially noticeable when cup sizes exceed a C.

  • No mastectomy or speciality lingerie bra restrictions, can be worn with a regular bra.

We offer a unique, custom made prosthesis designed to capture the delicate contours of your post-surgical shape. We use 3D scanning technology and colour meter scanning to provide the most accurate and natural result. 

For more information please visit the Liberty website:

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