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Facial Prosthesis 

We create custom prostheses for missing or disfigured facial areas including orbital, nasal and auricular. When part of the face is missing from either birth, a traumatic episode or a result of cancer, the effect on a person can be very stressful. Surgery can often bring symmetry to the face but there are limitations. Facial prostheses are custom silicone appliances that are very lifelike and give the appearance of natural tissue. They are externally worn and regularly removed for cleaning. The prostheses helps protect the affected site and give support to other appliances such as glasses or hearing aids. We work closely with each patient and aim to create the most natural looking result that will make you feel more confident.  


An orbital prosthesis is a silicone prosthetic that replaces the missing tissue of the orbit, including the eye, eyelids and surrounding tissue. It can also have eyebrows and eyelashes where needed. Orbital prosthetics do not move easily and behind glasses give a very lifelike appearance. The prosthesis can be held in place by adhesives, glasses or implants. 



We create nasal prostheses to restore normal contour and improve function for people who have experienced partial or total loss of their nose. Removal of the nose (rhinectomy) may be required following cancer or following trauma. This can be surgically repaired but will involve several operations, which may not be possible where there has been radiotherapy to the tissue. Additionally once reconstructed it can be more difficult for re-occurrence of cancer to be visually detected early. Silicone nasal prostheses can camouflage this defect and yet be easily removed for cleaning and inspection. The prosthetics can be held in place by adhesives, glasses or implants. 

Being born without an ear (microtia) or both ears is relatively common as is trauma and removal of the ear. Plastic surgery with skilled surgeons can reconstruct the ear from a persons own rib cartilage and skin. An alternative is a prosthetic ear made from skin-like silicone, it can mimic the other side and surrounding tissue to be almost undetectable and has the advantage when dealing with children that the ear can be remade as the child grows. Each prosthesis is individually designed to restore balance and symmetry to the patients face. The prosthesis can be held in place by adhesives, or implants. 

Mid-Face and more complicated prostheses - Price calculated after consultation. 

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